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Advvanced Body Therapeutics
This protocol is the result of over 50 years of studying the body. At 8 years old my fascination of how the body works was to take me on a journey that has brought me here. Be curious and have fun.

Advanced Body Therapeutics (ABT) is a new orientation of creating synergy in the body systems.  ABT uses assessment tools from Osteopathic Theory, Chinese Five Element Theory, Applied Kinesiology, and Structural Therapies to determine the relationship of the metabolic systems of the body as well as address common structural issues related to stress or trauma.

Structurally it is anatomically specific and effective at realigning and stabilizing joints.  This is accomplished using gentle release of soft tissue via applied osteopathic techniques.  Improved muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility are created by increasing circulation of the general fluid aspect in the muscle bed. This includes "earth substance"  (lymph, cerebral spinal fluid, and interstitial fluids) as well as the blood.

ABT is effective at relaxing spinal curvatures caused by long term stress and gravitational compression.  Kyphosis (increased curvature of the upper back), lordosis (increased curvature of the lower back),  scoliosis (side curving and/or spiraling anywhere along the spine), or flexion/ rotations of articular facets can cause uncomfortable radiating pain throughout the body.  These issues can be addressed via ABT.

ABT is also effective at relieving the stress of metabolic systems. All systems in the body are SYNERGISTIC and create the a phenomenon that is termed HOMEOSTASIS. Homeostasis implies the body has everything it needs to do everything it does. As you can see we are talking about a vast interactive system. "Dis-ease", whether its emotional or physically painful is our body's way to communicate homeostatic imbalance. Pharmaceutical medications do not address homeostasis they mask our experience by relieving symptoms. When "side-effects" are listed this tells us how this chemical upsets the homeostasis of the body. Know your medicines as completely as you can and speak with your Doctor about long term use and how to get control of your symptoms. Always be willing to seek alternative opinions. Your Doctor is your employee. ABT strives to understand homeostatic relationships and enable the individual in knowing how to address it.

Our contact with the world requires a variety of responses.  The Endocrine  and Nervous Systems provide for our rich experience of life via neuro-hormonal messengers and various amino acid chains; a veritable rainbow of emotion, some rich and exquisite, some stormy.  ABT teaches the person about these systems, giving the individual a sense of self knowing and empowerment.

ABT is applicable to various issues simple and complex.  ABT addresses chronic stress injuries (sports or otherwise acquired) and strengthens the body's own, inherent, healing systems.  ABT is also an effective educational tool the teaches an individual how to effectively manage  a variety of stresses. Distress or pain is a signal that our bodies are out of synch  not simply isolated symptoms.

Yoga Therapy w/ Chardin goes hand in hand w/ the ABT protocol.  Chardin’s detailed understanding of core anatomy and physiology creates an environment for deep connection w/ the participants body.  The goal is to educate and enhance self awareness.


"I was having such pain in my elbows that I couldn't go to yoga class, couldn't carry much and couldn't throw the ball to my dog.  I thought, "If anyone can fix this without medication and/or long term therapy, it will be Chardin."  I had gone to Chardin for a pulled out back several months before, learned a few simple exercises and have not pulled it out since. So I went back to Chardin for my elbows, and they are now "fixed."

"Chardin was recommended to me by a friend when I had a problem with my hip and could barely walk.  After one session, the pain was almost gone, and after three sessions there was no evidence of the hip problem at all.  I have continued to see Chardin once a month for almost a year.  During that time a problem with my legs not being the same length from old injuries has been resolved.  I no longer walk with a slight limp, and my body feels in balance."

"I have been working with Chardin Bersto at Advanced Body Therapeutics since July, 2008. Chardin was recommended by my personal trainer.

I first sought Chardin’s services for a neck issue. Chardin’s therapies and stretching recommendations have taken care of my neck difficulties. I am pain free.  Chardin is gentle, and willing to share his knowledge and therefore educate his clients.

I leave a session with Chardin feeling healthier both physically and mentally.  During a session we talk about how the body and mind handle life’s stressors and its responses to those pressures.  I see Chardin every 6 weeks and his services are a priority in my life to help me maintain a positive attitude in mind and body. 

I would highly recommend Chardin and I look forward to many more years of beneficial sessions with him."

"I turned to Chardin about a dozen years ago with a chronic pain in my right shoulder and bicep.  For nearly two years, I had treated it with pain-relievers (Aleve).  Because Chardin works with the whole being (body/mind), and does not treat each ache and pain as a separate condition, I regularly return to sessions with him to achieve a balanced, pain-free state.  I now see discomfort as information from my total energy field, whether in thoughts, physical sensations, or perceptions of the heart.  If I ache or feel ill, I approach the situation with curiosity, recognizing it as a temporary play of force.  I welcome the power and choices before me to co-create a state of well-being.

In a state of thanks for collaborative growth"

"Chardin's treatments are very peaceful and treat the whole body (and mind).  He makes adjustments which are peaceful, rather than painful.  His treatments are derived from many healing disciplines, such as osteopathic, eastern and Mayan, as well as from his own spirituality.  He is a very accomplished and interesting person, and his treatments work."



Sensenig Chiropractic


Dr. Barry Sensenig, DC is a graduate of Western States Chiropractic College. He continued another year in naturopathic studies giving him a strong background in nutrition and herbs. He includes in his practice: Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Neuro-Emotional-Technique (NET), Active Release Technique (ART), Traditional Herbal Therapy, Nutrition, Chinese Herbs, Homeopathy, Electrical Stimulation, Ultra-sound, Hot/Cold Therapies.

Both Barry and Chardin believe any therapy is only as powerful and effective as the persons ability to collaborate in there own therapy. Education and personal empowerment are crucial to making life style changes and the rehabilitation of the body. 

Barry and Chardin bring over 60 years of study and practice in the field of body therapeutics.


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